HVAC the planet ?

This doesn't sound good: Mentioned this before: We are always seeking a comfortable rate of cooling - we need to Goldilocks the planet, make it just right ! Think of being sick with a fever, internal temp goes from 98.6 F to 104 F and people get concerned, he's burning up !!  Extended living at high temps is just not good for human machinery. Best Regards, Chuck, WB9KZY  

Lucky Strike extra: Bill and Kareem

I had noticed a video pop up on Youtube from Dave Letterman, something about Remembering Bill Walton ?  Here it is: But I've been fooled by Letterman before - witness the Martin Short retrospective: So the Letterman title difference is:  remembering = death, best of = a clip video Anyway, I thought this was a nice post by Kareem: source: Best Regards, Chuck, WB9KZY  

The Little House

I took a bike ride on Sunday.  First over to the Co-op to drop off my payment.  There were many trees snapped off or fallen over west of me on Jackson Harbor Rd.  Also noticed a little further west that the Sorensen house on Jackson Harbor had been demolished, I assume it was done on purpose, new owners ? After riding to the Co-op, proceeded on to Foss Road where I saw several interesting things.  First a Karman Ghia convertible driving south on Gasoline Town Rd - followed closely by a Tesla Cybertruck !  Yes, the Memorial Day weekend is the official start of tourist season on the Island and the return of the snowbirds. Finally I heard a lot of sirens while on the east end of Foss Rd but before I got to them I saw this little house (maybe a converted garden shed ?) in the woods on the south side of Foss Rd.  It's very mysterious and tiny.  Now that the leaves are finally out it can get gloomy in the woods along Foss Rd.  Then on the way back home I saw the fire equipment on a call

A real life Grandpa Snyder

I was listening to this episode of Vic and Sade recently:'s+Christmas+Cards.mp3 Christmas cards in June - what a concept.  I was briefly in the Christmas card racket as a Cub Scout, lured by all the fabulous prizes available in the ads in Boys' Life.  It turned out that it wasn't easy to sell and the card company kinda got huffy if you didn't sell enough - yet another total disaster of my youth. Endorsed by the Mick source: But I digress, actually the real life hard of hearing salesman I encountered on the Island was similar to Grandpa Snyder and his cards EXCEPT that he sold tombstones !  He kept calling me, even came to the door once, and it was the same thing, just refused to take no for an answer.  He was either hard of hearing or just so thick skinned that he refused to believe that I didn'

Darryl Hickman died

The Hollywood Reporter did a nice summary of Darryl Hickman's life and career: I guess that Darryl will never get a chance to go to Milwaukee and see them: I've mentioned The Human Comedy before: Darryl was also in that movie, playing a not too bright kid, Lionel, friend of the character Ulysses. Ulysses and Lionel (Darryl)   My favorite part of the movie was when the gang goes to steal apricots from old man Henderson - and the old man is inside the house wishing he could make the apricots ripe for the boys even though it is only March :) Darryl's brother, Dwayne was the star of Dobie Gillis: Both brothers had decent careers and (I hope) good lives. Darryl and Dwayne Best Regards, Chuck, WB9KZY

The Jetsons finally comes true ?

Other than Astro's treadmill: then now   , George's flying car (sorta, the Jetson copter car doesn't fold into a briefcase) 1961 flying car . 1961 folded . 2024 flying car and Rosie the Robot (again, sorta with Boston Dynamics Atlas et al.) fictional Rosie meets George . Fact: Electric Atlas we still aren't quite in the world of the Jetsons. But then I saw this image from the ESA Euclid satellite of Meissner 78: source: source: and thought: where have I seen that before ?   Of course, the Jetsons opening: source: This Jetsons stuff is finally kinda-sorta-lamely coming true !! Best Regards, Chuck, WB9KZY

2024 Power Outage II, Electric Boogaloo

Washington Island had another power outage on Wednesday.  It was REALLY windy on Tuesday night.  I thought the windows on the south side of the house were going to blow out.  I didn't hear: "the train" - tornado survivors always talk about the sound being like a train - so it wasn't a tornado, just crazy strong winds.  I'm not sure exactly when the power went out (trying to sleep and ignore the storm) but the power was off here until 7:36p on Wednesday evening.  As previously mentioned I never appreciate how nice it is to have power until it is gone. I never did followup on the previous outage on April 2 to 4 2024: I was gonna buy some Sterno or a camp stove or something - never did.  One thing I might be able to justify is some MREs or HDRs (Humanitarian Daily Rations).  I didn't want to open the fridge and also couldn't cook anyway (electric stove) so it would be nice to have ready to